The Citizen - 26th April 2007


SINCE the announcement of the Mail Centre closure, I have heard many stories of families both with and without children, established marriages and young marriages.

I have also heard of how children with parents at the Mail Centre will be affected.

But there is one section of the workforce that no one has spoken about or addressed - the inevitable result of this closure on the disabled workers at Royal Mail.

They have virtually a 100% chance of losing their jobs as it would be impossible for them to move.

Also make note that there would be little chance of them finding other jobs without a great deal of help.

Also the public might like to know how Royal Mail saves money. Once a quarter in the Thames Valley and Gloucester region, and I assume other regions as well, they hire a conference hall for the day gather all the managers in the region (paying expenses, no doubt) for a Round Table-like seminar on many subjects among which is how to save money.

Does this strike anyone as odd?

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