The Citizen - 26th September 2007


Within a few months of the ludicrous plan to stick our main rail station to the back of beyond being scrapped, we now find our Royal Mail sorting office is to remain in Gloucester. All I can say is Hallelujah! common sense has prevailed, and well done to The Citizen and others for allowing the people of Gloucester to speak their minds.

Now, all we need is the old B &Q site to be a fantastic location for an indoor market in which the buyers and sellers would be proud of instead of another retail monstrosity (why not build Next, etc, where the current depressing market is?) the Railway Triangle to be one of the best bus/rail/tram interchanges in the country (with an Ikea store on the adjacent triangle perhaps?) and the blue apartment eyesores at the Docks (along with the disgraceful bus station) to be demolished and rebuilt in keeping with our wonderful heritage.

Then I, along with the vast majority, will be very happy and proud to remain living in this amazing city, and one which might just encourage better tourism, of which so many small business, pubs, cafes and restaurants survive on.

We have had a bad year with the floods, but this city could be one of the best in the country with a little more common sense!


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