As well as the people who have signed our online petition, below, we have received support for our campaign from the following -
Parmjit Dhanda - MP (Lab) Gloucester

'I was extremely dismayed to hear of the proposed closure of the Mail Centre on Eastern Avenue and that there was no consultation or forewarning given to the staff.  Royal Mail have not made the case for a move to Swindon – it is a false economy which puts hundreds of local jobs at risk and will have a negative environmental impact. 

I have been meeting with Eastern Avenue employees and the CWU, including their General Secretary, attended the staff meeting at Birds Eye Walls Sports and Social Club and written in support of the campaign for The Citizen.  I continue to work with colleagues whose constituencies will also be affected by this move.   

The campaign has my full support and the Save Gloucester Mail Centre website will be an invaluable asset in this fight.  I hope by working together we can challenge this decision, persuade Royal Mail that this is a productive Centre with hard working staff, and prevent this move from Eastern Avenue.' 

Parmjit Dhanda MP

David Drew - MP (Lab) Stroud

'I took the opportunity of visiting the centre recently to meet with representatives of the CWU.  I can see absolutely no reason why this excellent facility should be closed down - particularly as we do not have the report that made this recommendation.  I raised this issue in the first Business Questions after the recess and will continue to do so in Parliament and beyond.  CWU and all those concerned about this crazy move have my total support.'

To read David's question and the response from Leader Of The House - Click Here


David Drew MP

Nigel Costley, South West Regional Secretary of the TUC

The South West TUC and local trade unions will support the CWU campaign to save the Mail Centre. Proposals to close it are not just a kick in the teeth to the 400 loyal workers but a blow to the Gloucester economy. We must work together to apply maximum pressure to stop this proposal.



Mark Harper  - MP (Conservative) Forest of Dean
I agree that the intended closure would have an unwelcome impact on the local economy with the loss of over 400 jobs and I too am concerned about the effect it may have on the quality of postal services for the area.
I have written to Adam Crozier, Chief Executive of Royal Mail, asking for the reasons why the organisation proposes to close the centre. I will of course write to you again once I receive a reply.



Mark Harper MP

Martin Horwood - MP (Lib) Cheltenham

I'm happy to lend my support to the campaign.  This mania for cost-cutting and centralisation seems to be affecting everything these days.  This kind of short-term move only makes business sense if you ignore the longer-term need of any organisation to look after its customers in a way that will guarantee their continued support.  In the end, if you deliver a worse service you're only storing up problems for the future.



Martin Horwood MP

Lawrence Robertson - MP (Con) Tewkesbury




To see the the question asked by Mr Robertson, regarding the intended closure, in Parliament, Click here

Lawrence Robertson MP

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown - MP (Con) Cotswold

The closure of Gloucester Mail Centre could have a negative effect on the whole postal network in Gloucestershire, and will come on top of the Government’s plans to slash the number of post offices throughout Gloucestershire.  This campaign has my support, and I believe there has to be cross-party action to avoid this closure.”




Chris Tapper - CWU Divisional Rep South Wales & South West Division

"The proposed closure of the Gloucester mail centre is wrong. Not only will hundreds of jobs be lost in the area but postal services could be at risk. I believe that all options to keep the Mail centre open have not been explored. Quality of service and jobs in the locality must be the key to any decisions that need to be made."




Chris Tapper - CWU Divisional Rep South Wales & South West Division

We have begun receiving support from local Town and Parish Councils, including -
Prestbury Parish Council Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Council
Huntley Parish Council Mitcheldean Parish Council
Stoke Orchard Parish Council Minsterworth Parish Council
Westbury-on-Severn Parish Council Frocester Parish Council
Cinderford Town Council
 Tewksbury Town Council

The following Communications Workers Union (CWU) Branches have given their support -
East London Postal Branch Royal Mail - Not For Sale
London 7
South West 1 (Exeter)
Eastern No. 5 (Peterborough)
Newcastle Amal.
Mount Pleasant
Northern Ireland
Solent Branch 
CWU Jersey
Cleveland Amal
West London Postal
Jane Loftus (NEC p/c)
London South West (Postal)
Phil Browne (NEC) (p/c) London City West
Plymouth & East Cornwall Branch
Bournemouth & Dorset Amal
Eastern No 6 branch Eastern Regional Secretary
North West Central Amal Darlington Amal
Pete Keenlyside - Postal Executive (personal capacity)
Merseyside Amal
Dennis King - Divisional Rep Anglia Barry Jennings - Divisional Rep Anglia
Worcestershire & Herefordshire Branch Bristol and District Amalgamated
London North Western C&C Branch Central Committee Cornwall Amal
Shropshire & Mid Wales Branch Oldham & Rochdale Amal 
John Farnan (NEC p/c) Plymouth and East Cornwall Class C Section
Northern Home Counties Branch Glasgow & District Branch

Eastern No. 4 Branch

Branches can add their support here -

The following letter has been received from Swindon Trades Union Council  -

To the CWU

Dear Comrades

Swindon Trades Union Council at its meeting yesterday discussed the proposed closure of Royal Mail centres at Reading, Gloucester and Coventry. As the ‘receiving’ town with the prospect of extra jobs we could take a selfish point of view. However, that would be completely unprincipled, at the expense of workers losing their jobs in three centres.

Moreover, from an environmental point of view, the idea of workers and mail travelling from Reading to Swindon (and back), Gloucester to Bristol, and Coventry to Northampton, is sheer lunacy, adding to environmental pollution at a time when we are supposed to be tackling the problem of global warming. I have already spoken to some people in the green/environmental movement who will support your opposition to the closures.

Undoubtedly, this proposal of Royal Mail is related to the liberalisation of the postal ‘market’ which the government has seen fit to push through. It is a cost-cutting measure which is directed at ‘shaping up to meet the competition’. This so-called commercial environment is, of course, a threat to the universal service obligation and the Post Office as a public service. Whilst liberalisation originates from the European Union it fits neatly with the government’s free market fundamentalism which has led it to introduce a ‘market’ in the NHS and privatisation and cuts throughout the public sector.

Obviously you will be discussing an industrial response to the threat of closure and of compulsory redundancies. We would like to offer our support in the wider public campaigning against these proposals which are socially and environmentally retrograde. Please let us know anything which you would want us to do in support of your struggle.

We will contact the Trades Councils in Bristol and Northampton, the other towns where distribution will be centralised and suggest we produce a joint statement, in support of the CWU and against the closures.


Martin Wicks
Secretary, Swindon Trades Union Council

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