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Royal Mail wants to close the Gloucester Mail Centre, in Eastern Avenue, Gloucester, and move operations 34 miles away to Swindon Mail Centre in 2008. They state that the Gloucester Mail Centre site is not large enough to accommodate the new machinery being deployed by Royal Mail.

However, there is no indication that a proper feasibility study has been carried out into extending the buildings on the current site, or to finding an alternative site in or around Gloucester.

There are over 400 people working at the present Mail Centre. Transferring operations to Swindon will have an effect on -

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- Those working in Gloucester Mail Centre - Whilst Royal Mail has stated there there will be no compulsory redundancies, staff are left with stiff choices. With the Mail Centre running for 24 hours a day, many staff work the hours which fit in with their family and child care needs. The alternatives that Royal Mail "offer" will take no account of those needs and will in many cases involve a completely different job, in a different location, on a different shift. Many work part - time, making a daily trip to Swindon even more impractical. The proposed closure may be over a year away, but staff are having to start looking at their options now.
- The residents near Swindon Centre - with the extra lorries required to transport the mail to and from Gloucester will come extra traffic, extra traffic noise, extra pollution and an increased likelihood of traffic accidents.
- The Environment - With many more lorries on the roads, as well as 61 former Gloucester staff (Royal Mail estimate), there will be an inevitable effect on the environment. Furthermore, Royal Mail is actively discouraging car sharing amongst staff who transfer to Swindon. Only the driver will be entitled to claim an allowance (for three years). Any passengers carried will be spending two hours a day sitting there in their  own time, thus encouraging them to take their own cars. It has been estimated that the move will generate an additional 2,000,000 miles of travel per year. A Cartoon
- Anyone living in Gloucestershire - Everyone in Gloucestershire must be aware of the regular traffic accidents on the Air Balloon roundabout, and how treacherous the Crickley Hill area can be during bad weather. This alone would add to the unnecessary time that the mail spends travelling to or from Swindon. There are many opportunities for mail to be delayed and arrive late, whether posted in or to the County.
- Anyone living outside Gloucestershire - Firstly there is increased potential for your mail to be delayed, whether you are posting it or waiting to receive it. Secondly, this is only the start of Royal Mail's plans to rationalise it's Mail Centres, with several others already planned.  Royal Mail are yet to claim that this is anything but a money saving policy, with no regard to Quality of Service or the Environment and certainly no regard for their staff.

If we fail in our campaign, then your Mail Centre could be next.

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